James Sallis: Old News

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Thanksgiving 2021 news: Jim's new book column, an essay on Octavia E. Butler occasioned by the recent Library of America volume, is in the Nov/Dec issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. A reading of his first published story, "Kazoo" from New Worlds, is featured along with stories by others at Dead Airways and a new story, "Revenance," a personal favorite of Jim's, is just out in the journal Vautrin.

November 2021 news: Jim's new collection, Dayenu and Other Stories, is just out from New Rivers Press, who in 2015 so beautifully published Black Night's Gonna Catch Me Here: New and Selected Poems. From the back cover: "Reflecting as always his deep respect for classic science fiction, fantasy, and crime fiction, Dayenu and Other Stories collects 22 of Jim's new tales. Bluesmen whose thoughts become real, chatty philosophic spiders, revenant cars, thawed-out hitmen, TVs reporting people to police, a character condemned to life as a sidekick in hack novels..."

August 2021 news: "The pandemic and laziness — far more of the latter than former," Jim says, as apology for his lack of posting here, even with quite a lot going on:

  • Jim's latest collection, Dayenu and Other Stories, is due in September from New Rivers Press, which previously published his Black Night's Gonna Catch Me Here: New and Selected Poems in an absolutely stunning edition.
  • The new, revised edition of long out-of-print Difficult Lives, piggybacked in a single volume by a second collection of introductions and critical essays on other such crime writers as Gerald Kersh, Derek Raymond, and Patricia Highsmith, titled Hitching Rides, will be out from Syndicate Books in July 2022, inaugurating a new line of nonfiction for the publisher.
  • Next year will also see an ebook of Chester Himes: A Life from Open Road Media, and a new edition of Drive from Sourcebooks.
  • Meanwhile, Jim's latest novel Sarah Jane publishes in France, from Rivages/Noir, next month. It's been chosen as a book-of-the-month there; in Germany, it will become a two-part radio play.

December 2020 news: Jim's pre-pandemic interview with The Show on KJZZ has been made available for streaming at the Fronteras Desk website.

October 2020 news: Jim's long been a champion of George R. Stewart's Earth Abides, and is pleased to recommend a beautiful new edition of the novel from Mariner Books, which includes a fine introduction from Stan Robinson. Another longtime favorite of Jim's, like Stewart's novel a strong influence on his own work, is Walter Tevis. With the astonishingly faithful and moving adaptation of Tevis's The Queen's Gambit by Scott Frank and Allan Scott now appearing on Netflix, one hopes for renewed attention to Tevis's work. Meanwhile, here is Jim's piece on Tevis from one of his earliest columns for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

August 2020 news: Up for publication in following months are new stories "Schools of Thought" (in Analog), "Bury All Towers" (in North American Review), "The Cry of Evening Birds" (in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction), and "Billie Deliver's Next 12 Novels" (in Xavier Review). The Xavier Review story will be accompanied by three new poems: "The Surrealist Imagines Death," "Freedoms," and "Afternoon Naps." Also, in February, "Big Day in Little Bit" in Bullets and Other Hurting Things, edited by Rick Ollerman — a tribute volume to Bill Crider — from Down and Out Books. Jim's novel Sarah Jane recently showed up on the short list for the Macavity Awards from Mystery Readers International in, as Jim says, "some flattering, fine company."

July 2020 news: You can read Jim's short story, "Scientific Methods," along with an extensive intro, online at the North Dakota Quarterly.

June 2020 news: Soho Crime presents Stuart Neville and James Sallis talking writing and crime fiction with Juliet Grames Wednesday, June 24 from 12-1 pm PDT.

May 2020 news: Forthcoming: Jim's story "Dayenu," which originally appeared in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, recently saw a companion piece in Interzone's "Carriers." The two-in-one ("Ace double") volume of Difficult Lives/Hitching Rides is set for publication by Soho Syndicate in June. New stories just found homes at The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction ("The Cry of Evening Birds") and North American Review ("Bury All Towers"). An interview with Jim by Tom Ue, "The Question of Closure in James Sallis' and Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive," appears in The Journal of Adaptation in Film & Performance (vol. 13, no.1). (PDF available on Academia.edu with signup.)

April 2020 news: Jim's short story "Net Loss" appears in the current issue of Analog, with another, "Schools of Thought," scheduled shortly. "Quilts," a short-short written to match an assignment given to his novel-writing class (write an end-of-the-world story in two pages), recently appeared on the website 365 Tomorrows. "Carriers," in the new issue of Interzone #286, is a short novella set in the same near-future as his earlier "Dayenu." Jim's forthcoming column for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction reviews story collections by Sarah Pinsker, Susan Palwick, and Kameron Hurley.

January 2020 news: Sarah Jane has received a lovely review in the Los Angeles Review of Books from Glenn Harper. From the review: "James Sallis delineates the worlds of his characters through his laconic and vivid writing: he brings to the plain language of noir a literary sensibility, with striking prose and frequent literary references that are never obtrusive...Sarah Jane, his remarkable new novel, is about a woman who finds her place in the world but can't escape her past, in a story that demonstrates deep empathy for both central and incidental characters."

December 2019 news: Sarah Jane has made the New York Times' Best Crime Novels of the Year, the Financial Times' Best Books of 2019: Crime, and The Times of London's Best Crime Fiction Books of 2019, while his recently re-released Lew Griffin series gets the nod from the Wall Street Journal's What to Give: Mysteries.

November 2019 news: Jim's fifth collection of new poems, Ain't Long Fore Day, has just been published by Unsolicited Press in Portland, Oregon. Here's a sample:


In the wind that is my heart
there are no birds
today. You are gone.

In darkness, dark eyes appear.
This brightness at my back,
alive with memory.

In the night of wolves
a squirrel sits still, trembling
with hope.

Early November 2019 news: Writing in The Big Issue, Doug Johnstone calls Sarah Jane "utterly wonderful from start to finish," while in The Spectator (UK), Jeff Noon finds that Sallis "weaves a fine spell," calling the book "cool, crisp, non-linear, gritty and dreamlike."

Mid-October 2019 news: Jonathan Bond profiles James Sallis for the Phoenix New Times. Sarah Jane is a Book of the Week at the New York Times, whose editors call it "beautifully lyrical." Great reviews continue to pour in, including these at Bookgasm (Alan Cranis), and from journalist Woody Haut.

October 2019 news: Sarah Jane is a Publisher's Weekly book of the week. Starred reviews have also appeared in Library Journal and Booklist. Sarah Jane is on Amazon's Best of the Month list both for mysteries and for literary fiction. Lead reviews are just in from BookPage, the Wall Street Journal, and from the New York Times, where Marilyn Stasio remarks: "gorgeous authorial voice... spellbinding... uncanny insights... stormy poetry."

Late August 2019 update: Publishers Weekly, in a boxed, starred review, has this to say about Jim's new novel:
Sarah Jane Pullman, the narrator of this hypnotic, meticulously crafted crime novel from Sallis (Drive), has become the acting sheriff of Farr, a rural southwestern town, following the disappearance of her predecessor and mentor, Sheriff Cal Phillips. Sarah's combat experience in the Gulf War and her heightened perception of human nature have made her a natural for law enforcement, but her life up until this point has followed anything but a linear route. Amid her search for the missing Phillips, Sarah fills in her past. After fleeing from her small Southern town at 17, Sarah hit the road, and a bit of trouble led to her court-ordered stint in the military. After her discharge, Sarah spent years adrift, finding work as an itinerant cook in faceless diners and shelters, moving through a string of relationships (including one with a violent cop), getting a college degree, losing a child, improvising a life, moving on when things got complicated. An insightful character study of one woman's reckoning with her own demons, this is also a powerful look at contemporary America. Sallis is writing at the top of his game.

August 2019 news: Jim will be very visible this fall. As prelude to the upcoming new books, Jim has new stories coming in the September/October issues of both Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and Asimov's, and the latest installment of his books column for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction in its September/October 70th anniversary issue.

July 2019 news: In October, Jim's new novel Sarah Jane appears from Soho Press. Simultaneously, Soho affiliate Syndicate will bring out Jim's two-in-one Difficult Lives/Hitching Rides, pairing a new edition of his landmark study of paperback crime writers with a collection of essays on other writers such as Shirley Jackson, Gerald Kersh, Patricia Highsmith and Jean-Patrick Manchette; the book's a recipient of the UK's H.R.F. Keating Award for crime writing. In addition, beginning in September and continuing through December, Soho will reissue all six Lew Griffin novels (the "bug books") in a beautiful new uniform edition. Finally in October, Unsolicited Press will publish Jim's fifth poetry collection, Ain't Long Fore Day.

September 10The Long-Legged Fly
October 1Sarah Jane
October 1Difficult Lives/Hitching Rides
October 15Moth
October 31Ain't Long 'Fore Day
November 12Black Hornet
November 12Eye of the Cricket
December 3Bluebottle
December 3Ghost of a Flea

Meanwhile, new short stories are upcoming in Alfred Hitchcock's, Ellery Queen's, Asimov's, Analog, North Dakota Quarterly and an original anthology or two, with Jim's novella Dayenu (from Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet) selected for The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2019, ed. Rich Horton for Prime Books.

May 2019 news: Jim Sallis has just won England's H.R.F. Keating Award for his two-in-one book Difficult Lives/Hitching Rides. The award is given for criticism in the mystery field. Jim's book pairs a revised version of an older book on original paperback novelists with essays and introductions on writers such as Shirley Jackson, Derek Raymond, Gerald Kersh and Jean-Patrick Manchette. It's also been announced that Jim will serve as one of the judges in this year's Philip K. Dick Award for distinguished science fiction published in paperback.

Late April 2019 news: Among many print and online pieces resulting from French publication of Willnot and Jim's recent visit, is this beautifully tuned, atmospheric portrait (note: in French) from book critic and essayist Sandra Benedetti, which appeared in last week's L'Express.

Also of note are appearances of new work, not Jim's stories as one might expect to find in these usual haunts, but two of his poems, in the May/June issues of Asimov's and Ellery Queen's. New stories have just been accepted for an anthology devoted to the memory of Bill Crider, and by North Dakota Quarterly.

April 2019 news: Jim returned home from Paris and from Lyon's Quais du polar (100,000 attendees, panels on Jim's work, three-way discussions with Chris Offutt and Ron Rash, a free chat on jazz — complete with live band — between Jim and Michael Connelly) to learn that No Exit Press's "Ace double" edition of Difficult Lives/Hitching Rides has been shortlisted for the UK's HRF Keating Award. This book of critical essays will be out in the U.S. in October from Syndicate, at the same time Soho publishes Jim's new novel, Sarah Jane. From Soho the month before, the initial Lew Griffin novel, The Long-Legged Fly, will appear in a new uniform edition of all six, with the others to follow shortly. Also in October, Jim's fifth poetry collection, Ain't Long Fore Day, comes out from Unsolicited Press. As leaves fall from trees, books hit the floors scuttling for cover.

December 2018 news: New reviews! Willnot has been reviewed by Lisa Tuttle for Ambling Along the Aquaduct, the blog for Aquaduct Press. Difficult Lives/Hitching Rides has been reviewed by Paul Burke for NB Magazine. Difficult Lives/Hitching Rides is now out from No Exit Press in the UK. Jim's latest column, for the November/December issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction, is available. Also announced: Jim will be a guest at the festival Quais du polar in Lyons, France, in late March.

October 2018 news:

  1. Jim's recent story from Analog, "New Teeth," is up, wonderfully read, on the UK blog Starship Sofa.
  2. A much-expanded edition of Difficult Lives (backed with a collection of essays, Hitching Rides) is due shortly from No Exit Press in the UK; US publication by Syndicate Books is scheduled for spring of next year. Jim's new novel, Sarah Jane, is in production for fall 2019 publication by Soho Press in the US, No Exit in the UK. Next year will also see a fifth poetry collection, Ain't Long Fore Day, from Unsolicited Press.
  3. Adding to the above, New Rivers Press, which so beautifully published Jim's poetry collection Black Night's Gonna Catch Me Here a few years back, has accepted his latest story collection, Dayenu and Other Stories, and plans publication in 2020.
  4. New stories from Jim are set for Asimov's ("When We Saved the World") and Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine ("Figs"). "When We Saved the World" begins:
    I met Joe Lansdale for the first time in June, on a day buffed TV commentators were calling unseasonably warm… Joe and I'd both made tons of money writing science fiction, the way people do, and so we'd retired, but after having us around the house all day long week after week both our wives kicked us out, and we moved into the Charleton Arms.

August 2018 news: Speaking of writers who influenced him, Scottish writer Doug Johnstone recently remarked on the Royal Literary Fund site that "Sallis' novels are among the best I've ever read." Listen to the entire two-minute audio clip. Johnstone also tweeted a bit of the same.

July 2018 news: Of Jim's story "Dayenu" from the March (#37) issue of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, reviewer Rich Horton (in Locus, The Magazine of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Field) writes:

Even better is a remarkable long story by James Sallis, "Dayenu." It opens with the narrator doing an unspecified but apparently criminal job, and then fleeing the house he was squatting in, and meeting an old contact for a new identity. Seems like a crime story — and Sallis is primarily a crime novelist — but details of unfamiliarity mount, from the pervasive surveillance, to a changed geography, to the realization that the rehab stint the narrator mentioned right at the start was a rather more extensive rehab than we might have thought. Memories of wartime service are detailed, and two partners in particular — a woman named Fran or Molly, a man named Merrit Li. Page by page the story seems odder, and the destination less expected. The prose is a pleasure, too — with desolate rhythms and striking images. Quite a work, and not like anything I've recently read.

The July/August issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction is out with Jim's "Bedtime Story." New poems are upcoming in Asimov's and Ellery Queen's. Jim just delivered a new novel, Sarah Jane, to his agent. Jim's classes for August and the fall at Piper Center are full to capacity, with waiting lists for both. Students should contact the Center to be added to the waiting lists or to be notified when registration opens for the next classes.

May 2018 news: Jim will be teaching again at The Piper Center on the ASU campus, with a two-day intensive course this summer and an 8-week advanced fiction course in the fall. Registration for the first just opened; details available on their website or on Facebook. The latest installment of Jim's regular books column for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, this time an essay titled "Tourists and Native Speakers" — on the gentrification of the genre — is out in the new issue. Jim's band Three-Legged Dog is playing all about Phoenix as part of its launch of their new CD, "Shiloh."

March 2018 news: Jim's "Bedtime Story" is upcoming in the July/August issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. His next regular books column for F&SF appears in the May/June issue; titled "Tourists and Native Speakers," it's an essay on the mainstreaming of science fiction and fantasy. A new story, "Beautiful Quiet of the Roaring Freeway," appears in the latest issue of Interzone March/April, #274), and yet another, "Freezer Burn," is upcoming in the UK in a CrimeFest 2018 anthology. Jim's novella "Dayenu" is due in the March issue (#37) of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet.

December 2017 news: An interview with Jim by New Orleans writer Thomas Andes just came out in the latest issue of Xavier Review, Volume 37, Issue 2. Here are a couple of quotes:

Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination and dozens of Sturgeon stories are every bit a part of my literary world as are Faulkner or Nathanel West...Two of the first things I remember reading are the story "Born of Man and Woman," about a vampire-like child, and Albert Camus's The Stranger, both pilfered from my brother. At this point, I believe, I was ruined for life. (Apparently the books ruined my brother as well: He's now a philosopher.)

The music to which I am most securely drawn is that of the American outsider: blues, old mountain music, early country, the stories of which seem quite close to the bardic, to folk tales that resound through culture after culture, to narrative and emotional archetypes that may well be hardwired into us. That a human life can be conjured up, can actually take form in the air before us, in a dozen or half-dozen three- or four-line verses — this is something miraculous. And I've tried to carry this forward into my poems and fiction, that authenticity, that compression, true rhythms of our thoughts and lives.

A new edition of Jim's long out-of-print book Difficult Lives will be published in early fall of 2018 by Paul Oliver's Syndicate Books in the US and by Jim's UK publisher, No Exit. The volume will in fact be two books in one, comprising both Difficult Lives and, under the separate title Hitching Rides, a collection of essays on crime writers such as Patricia Highsmith, Derek Raymond, Charles Willeford and Jean-Patrick Manchette.

November 2017 news: Jim's story "New Teeth" is out in the latest issue of Analog. Another new one, "Bedtime Story," will appear in a future issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction; yet another, "Beautiful Quiet of the Roaring Freeway" is set for the upcoming (January) issue of the UK's Interzone . Jim will be teaching again at The Piper Center on the ASU campus in both summer and fall sessions. Putting together a rough CV for the Center, Jim discovered that he's published well over 120 short stories and 36 books — upon which, he says, he suddenly felt tired.

September 2017 news: The September/October issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction is now out with, among the usual fine stories (including one by his old friend Chip Delany), Jim's books column, this time reviewing Paul La Farge's novel The Night Ocean (in part, a reimaging of H.P. Lovecraft) and Deepak Unnikrishnan's extraordinary collection of stories riffing fantastically off the fate and lives of foreign workers in the United Arab Emirates, Temporary People.

August 2017 news: This fall, Jim will again be teaching at the Piper Center on the ASU campus. His class is "Information Dumps, Information Delicacies" and runs four weeks on Wednesday nights, October 18th - November 8th, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Further information and a link for registration is at the Center's website. "It's a test kitchen," Jims says. "Wear your aprons. And comfortable shoes. For as always, we'll hit the ground running and aim to misbehave."

May 2017 news: Jim's story "New Teeth" is upcoming in the November/December issue of Analog. His novella "Dayenu" will appear in a future issue of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. "What You Were Fighting For," from The Highway Kind (Mulholland, ed. by Patrick Millikin), has been nominated for a Crime Writers Association (CWA) Dagger Award. Stories originally commissioned for a Louis Vuitton catalog and an arts magazine are reprinted in the spring issue of New Orleans' Xavier Review; an interview with Jim by Tom Andes is slated for the next issue.

March 2017 news: The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction has interviewed Jim Sallis about his new short story, "Miss Cruz." In the Phoenix area? A reminder that you can still register to take Jim's upcoming class at the Piper Center, The Story Behind the Poem. Meanwhile, in France, Jim's "How Jean-Patrick Manchette Taught Me to Drive" is the concluding essay in a collection entitled Jean-Patrick Manchette et la raison d'écrire

From February 2017: Another of Jim's new stories, "Miss Cruz," appears in the March/April issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. A new poem, "Black Rooms," is upcoming in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.

From January 2017: For those in the Phoenix area, Jim will be teaching a four-week poetry course at The Piper Center on the ASU campus from April 5th to April 26th, during National Poetry Month. Course title: The Story Behind the Poem. Jim's latest column for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, on the new biography of Shirley Jackson, is now online.

From end of December 2016: One of Jim's new stories, "How the Damned Live On," is out in the December issue of Asimov's Science Fiction. Jim says this story came from watching an entire afternoon of old science fiction movies like Journey to the Center of the Earth, Lost World and the like while recuperating from surgery. "It has everything — pirates, a giant spider, tiny crabs, ambulating plants..."

Jim's regular books column is also out in the January-February issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (paper only - we'll post an online link when available). This one's on Shirley Jackson and the new biography by Ruth Franklin.

Jim has also completed a revised edition of the long out-of-print Difficult Lives (on David Goodis, Jim Thompson and Chester Himes). Under the title Hitching Rides, he's added a secondary volume of commissioned introductions and essays on writers like Gerald Kersh, Jean-Patrick Manchette, Derek Raymond, and Patricia Highsmith. More about that to come!

From October 2016: Great news for Sallis fans: Jim has short stories upcoming in Analog, Asimov's and Fantasy and Science Fiction! Meanwhile, Willnot continues to garner rave reviews, with Mary Whipple calling James Sallis "one of the best literary writers in the United States," and Craig McDonald saying "At this point, it may be fair and best to say James Sallis is a genre unto himself." Doug Johnstone writes, "There is a deep poetry that lurks beneath the language, a rhythm that beautifully captures the way real people speak and think."

From September 2016: Excellent reviews continue to come in for Willnot. USA Today declared that "[Sallis] might just be one of our greatest living writers." David Rothenberg on WBAI radio asserted that "Willnot is closer to Our Town and Winesberg, Ohio than any output by Michael Connelly or John Sandford, defying genre classification." Marcel Berlins calls Willnot "a beautiful read from a master."

From August 2016: Jim's latest column is up at Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine. Strong reviews continue to come in for Willnot, with Ian Rankin calling it "a slippery, poetic mystery that becomes a love story to small town America."

From June 2016: "This is a novel about what lies just beneath the surface," writes Woody Haut about Willnot, deeming it "an extraordinary book, not just about place, but the interaction between past, present and future." Lisa Levy has a terrific essay on James Sallis on Literary Hub. More reviews are in for Willnot — Adam Woog from the Seattle Times says, "Sallis expertly weaves notes of hope throughout his pungent and often melancholy tale." Booklist calls Willnot "a profoundly moving, quietly eloquent jewel of a novel." The Big Issue says, "James Sallis remains at the very top of his game, and I can't recommend Willnot highly enough." And Laura Lippman writes that "James Sallis is one of our greatest living crime writers and Willnot continues an almost unseemly streak of excellence. Try to get his words, his stories, his people out of your head. Just try."

From May 2016: Willnot, Jim's new novel, will be out June 21 from Bloomsbury. Reviews are already coming in, with Kirkus calling it "a brisk and sure-handed treat." The novel will be launched, as usual, at The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, Arizona, on June 24 at 7 p.m, with a signing by Jim and music by the band of which he's a founding member, Three-Legged Dog.

From April 2016: Five Oaks has published James Sallis' new poetry collection, Night's Pardons, which is available now. No Exit in the UK has announced a limited-edition hardback edition of Jim's new novel Willnot, each copy to be signed by Jim; this will be issued simultaneously with the paperback in June.

From January 2016: Jim's latest column is up at Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine. And three issues of the Drive comic series have now come out from IDW Publishing.

From December 2015: Jim's new novel, Willnot, is scheduled for June from Bloomsbury, and his fourth poetry collection, Night's Pardons, from Five Oaks Press in February or March. Negotiations are underway for reissue of a number of earlier books including Difficult Lives and the six Lew Griffin novels. Jim's story "Ferryman" recently came out in Craig McDonald's anthology Borderland Noir (Betimes Books); others are pending in Patrick Millikin's The Highway Kind from Mulholland and Ellery Queen's. Jim will participate in the Desert Nights, Rising Stars conference at ASU in February and, if all goes well, will be in France in April and May attending literary festivals in Brittany and Lyon and seeing old friends.

From October 2015: Jim would like everyone to know that, having resigned from teaching at Phoenix College rather than sign a "loyalty oath," he is firmly at work on two new novels. One, working title Pretty, has a first-person female narrator who's been through many kinds of hell and endured. The other, Dayenu (after a song from Passover), takes place in a near future America of city-states loosely linked in a totalitarian government that actually cares for its citizens.

From Pretty:

My name is Pretty, but I'm not. Haven't been, won't be. And that's not really my name, either, just what Daddy calls me. Beauty's only skin deep, he used to say, so when I was six I scratched my arm open looking for it. Scar's still there. And I guess it's like everyone saying if you dig deep enough you'll find China. All I got from that was blisters.

My real name is Sarah Jane Pulaski. Kids at school call me Squeaky. At church I'm mostly S.J. or (because Daddy and I share initials, a real yuck for the old guys in their baggy suits standing by the Sunday School door having a cigarette) Junior. Seems like everyone I know calls me something different.

I wrote all the above in a diary when I was seven. It wasn't a real diary, it was a spiral-bound notebook, the kind you got for school, with a daisy-yellow cover that said Southern Paper and wide-spaced lines. For security I kept a paperclip on the pages in a changing pattern, how many pages got clipped together, where on the page. Who I thought might want to sneak in and read what a seven-year-old wrote about her life, I can't now imagine. [...]

I grew up in a town called Selmer, in a house that spent the first sixteen years of my life getting ready to slide down the hill, which it did right after I left. Daddy moved into a trailer then and never much left it so as you'd notice. I'm not going to tell you about my marriage to Bullhead because who cares. Just more scars.

But I didn't do all those things they say I did. Well, not all of them anyway.

From Dayenu:

At 10:36 as I'm listening to accounts on the radio of a plane lost over the Arctic Sea, the noise from within the trunk gets to be so annoying that I stop the car, open up, and whack the guy with the cut-down baseball bat I stowed under the front seat. The ride's a lot better after that. They never find the plane.

Where I've pulled off is this little rise from which you can see the highway rolling on for miles in both directions, my very own wee grassy knoll. The trees off the road are at that half-and-half stage, leaves gone brown closer to the ground, those above stubbornly hanging on. Because of Union Day there's little traffic, two semis, a couple of vans and a pickup during the time I'm there, which is the only reason I'm risking everything to be out here and on the road taking care of one last piece of business. Even the government's mostly on hold. [...]

An hour later I make the delivery and go about my business, not that there is any. They'd got too close this time and I'd gone deeper to ground, pretty much as deep as proves go-able. The gig was a hold-over from before, timing rendered it possible, so I took the chance. Messages left in various dropboxes now would grow up orphans.

Jim will again be participating in ASU's Desert Nights, Rising Stars conference February 18-20. Two of the four Drive graphic novels are now out, with his new novel, Willnot, set for spring publication by Bloomsbury; he's currently reading page proofs.

From August 2015: IDW is previewing the new Drive comic series by writer Michael Benedetto and artist Antonio Fuso. The first issue was out Aug. 26. Early reviews are in from Graphic Policy and Newsarama — you can purchase Issue #1 of Drive at your local comic book store or at IDW Publishing.

From July 2015: Jim's most recent books, Black Night's Gonna Catch Me Here: New and Selected Poems (New Rivers Press) and the reissued novel Death Will Have Your Eyes (Mulholland Books) remain available. Bloomsbury will publish his new novel, Willnot, in the spring of 2016. Meanwhile, an adaptation of Drive in four graphic novels will be out from IDW, one per month, August through November. Jim's also written three new stories, one commissioned for a book to accompany a Louis Vuitton exhibition in Paris, the others for anthologies edited by friends Craig McDonald (Borderland Noir) and Patrick Millikin (The Highway Kind).

From April 2015: Exciting news: Drive will be adapted as a comic miniseries for IDW Publishing this summer. And Jim's book of new and collected poems, Black Night's Gonna Catch Me Here is out now from New Rivers Press From December 2014: Jim has been interviewed by The Slaughter House. He's also been interviewed by Unwalkers in France — Jim's responses are printed in English & French.

From October 2014: Jim will travel to Lexington, Kentucky in January for the Bluegrass Writers Studio Winter Residency 2015. Jim will also be at Minnesota State University April 13 and 14th along with Debra Marquart and Richard Hoffman to celebrate publication of their books by New Rivers Press, including Jim's Black Night's Gonna Catch Me Here: Poems 1968-2012. There they will read and speak to students — and, as all are musicians, there are even rumors of musical performances by the grad students's Cat Sank Trio and the three imports... Craig McDonald has penned a lovely piece about the influence of the Lew Griffin novels on his work, Pulp Fiction: Or, Why I Write About a Writer. Negotiations are underway for graphic novels of Drive and Driven. More details as they arise!

From September 2014: James Sallis is featured as one of "100 Creatives" in the Phoenix New Times.

From August 2014: Bloomsbury have released a paperback edition of Others of my Kind.

From July 2014: Today, Tuesday July 29th, is publication day for the reissue of Jim's novel Death Will Have Your Eyes as a Mulholland Classic. Also from Mulholland is the reissue in uniform editions of all Jim Thompson's books, including the introduction Jim (Sallis) wrote for The Golden Gizmo.

From June 2014: Jim's introduction to Manchette's The Mad and the Bad appears in the New York Review of Books. Jim Sallis's novel Death Will Have Your Eyes has just been reissued as a Mulholland Classic from Little, Brown. The paperback of last year's novel Others of My Kind is pending shortly from Bloomsbury. April 2015 will see publication of his third poetry collection, Black Night's Gonna Catch Me Here: Selected Poems 1968-2012 by New Rivers Press. Introductions written by Jim have recently appeared in a new edition of Jim Thompson's The Golden Gizmo from Mulholland Books, in The Graveyard by Polish writer Marek Hlasko from Melville House Books, in a new French edition of Jean-Patrick Manchette's novel Le petit bleu de la côte Ouest from Gallimard, and in the Manchette novel The Mad and The Bad from New York Review of Books. James Sallis' short story "Venice is Sinking into the Sea" appears in the British collection OxCrimes, created to raise money for the charity Oxfam and reviewed here by Jake Kerridge.

From April 2014: An interview with Jim Sallis by Cecilia Lavopa is up at the Italian blog Contorni di noir.

From March 2014: Crime City Central will be featuring readings of James Sallis short stories in their podcasts (archived on their site) this spring. The first one, a reading of "Blue Devils" by Stephen Kilpatrick, is featured in their March 17 podcast. Classic Sallis stories "Jim and Mary G" and "Shutting Darkness Down" are coming soon.

From January 2014: Jim recently read some of his poetry at the Phoenix Poetry Series. A great interview with Jim Sallis by Jeremy Glover can be found in the Arkansas Times.

From December 2013: A radio interview with Jim has been posted at KJZZ.org. The Killer is Dying has been awarded LiRE Magazine's award for Best Crime Book of the Year. Read a review by Barry Forshaw of The Killer is Dying at Crime Time magazine.

From November 2013: Check out Keith Rawson's November interview with James Sallis. In addition to carrying the UK edition of Others of My Kind, No Exit Press is featuring their entire James Sallis back catalogue with new covers, including a limited edition boxed set that includes thirteen titles and a vinyl album, exclusively at London Books. Jim Sallis signed Others of My Kind at the Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale on November 23 — and his band, Three-Legged Dog, performed as well. A new short story by James Sallis has been published by ShortList: you can read "Greatest Hits" online at their site. Meanwhile, Others of My Kind is reviewed at The Spectator.

From October 2013: Read reviews of Others of My Kind in The Daily Mail and the Independent.

From September 2013: Le Tueur se meurt, the French translation of James Sallis' book The Killer is Dying, has been awarded the Grand Prix de Littérature policière for 2013. Others of My Kind has been named one of Publishers Weekly's best new books of the week for September 9, 2013. Read Patrick Millikin's interview with James Sallis about his new book, Others of My Kind, in Publishers Weekly.

From August 2013: New Rivers press plans to publish Jim's poetry collection Black Night's Gonna Catch Me Here: Selected Poems 1968-2012. The book duplicates none of the poems from Rain's Eagerness or Sorrow's Kitchen. We'll keep you posted as details emerge. And a reminder: the new novel Others of My Kind will be released September 10 by Bloomsbury Publishing (release date is Oct. 27 in the UK). Read new reviews at Publishers Weekly and The Poisoned Pen. You can also read an interview with Jim in ShortList Magazine.

From July 2013: There's a new video interview (subtitled in French) with Jim from his trip to Saint-Malo for Étonnants-Voyageurs posted on YouTube. If you haven't looked at Jim's Books column in Fantasy and Science Fiction in a while, now might be a good time to take a look. You can also read Wayne Shutsky's lively interview with Jim Sallis in Modern Times Magazine. A new short story by James Sallis, "As Yet Untitled," will appear in the September issue of Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. You can watch a video of Jim appearing on panels at Étonnants-Voyageurs (Amazing Travellers) this past May in France. At the same time, video from his appearance there in 2000 has also been posted.

From June 2013: Richard Godwin interviews Jim Sallis at the Slaughterhouse, and a new piece on Jim in French appears in Le Monde.

From May 2013: Jim went to France to take part in Etonnants-Voyageurs (Amazing Travellers), May 18-20 at Saint-Malo, his third time there. "A short trip this time, sadly. But I have to be back on the 25th to play a Three-Legged Dog concert at the coolest venue around, a nature preserve up in the Arizona mountains where everything — lights, sound — is run on solar power." ...from April 2013: Jim's latest novel, Others of My Kind, will be released this September by Bloomsbury Publishing — read a preview here.

From February 2013: Just released: A new collection of poetry, Rain's Eagerness, from The Aldrich Press! Buy it on Amazon.com or order through your local bookshop. Jim recently spoke on "The Fiction of Genre" at the Desert Nights Rising Stars Writers Conference, participated in a panel on crime fiction, and led a poetry workshop. His band, Three-Legged Dog, played for the Saturday night reception.

From December 2012: In March, Jim will represent The Piper Center, ASU and southwestern writers in general at the UK's Oxford Literary Festival, with a stopover in Germany to participate in the Cologne Literary Festival.

From August 2012: Check out this James Sallis interview and Drive movie coverage on German television site ZDF. German speakers may also enjoy Denis Scheck's show, where a segment on James Sallis ran on Sunday night. A lovely, if brief, review of Driven appears in in Flickering Myth.

From July 2012: You can hear Jim read from Driven at Book Slam on this YouTube clip.

From June 2012: Jim Sallis talks about writing Driven for The Big Issue. And you can listen to Jim actually speak about Driven in this great video from Crane TV. Another great review of Driven can be found at Woody Haut's blog. HOT!! James Sallis is interviewed by GQ Magazine! No Exit Press has released a vinyl album of Jim Sallis reading some of his short stories and playing and singing with his band, Three-Legged Dog. This special release is being exclusively carried by the London Bookshop — see link at the site. The Killer is Dying by James Sallis has won the Hammett Prize! Jim Sallis' tour of the U.K. has led to a number of interviews and reviews of Driven, including this already-much-quoted article in the Independent. And check out this interview with Grolsch Film Works (must be 21 to view).

From May 2012: Read interviews with Jim Sallis in Metro, Dazed Digital and AnOther Magazine, and enjoy this review of his appearance at Brick Lane Bookshop. James Sallis toured parts of the UK for Driven May 25-31 — read a press release about the tour, or get the short-form details of all the stops at CrimeTime magazine. Check out the latest reviews of Driven in the Los Angeles Review of Books and the Chicago Tribune.

From April 2012: Jim Sallis talks to The Daily Beast about his new novel, Driven. Read the starred review from Publishers Weekly and a new review in the Taunton Gazette.

From March 2012: Are you ready for Driven ? Jim Sallis writes about Drive and its sequel, Driven, at CrimeTime.

From January 2012: The Drive movie has been nominated for a Bafta award for best film and for an Oscar for best sound editing. The sequel to Drive (the book), Driven, will be published in April by Poisoned Pen Press in the U.S. and in June by No Exit Press in the United Kingdom. CrimeTime magazine reports that No Exit Press will simultaneously publish a reissue of twelve Sallis titles with new cover art; Jim will visit the UK to promote the book in May and June of 2012. A new interview with James Sallis by Tom Marcinko appears in Phoenix Magazine this month. The Killer is Dying has made the New York Times Notable Books of 2011 list, and Pima County Public Library lists it as one of the best regional books of the year. The Drive movie has made many reviewers' year's-top-ten-movies lists, including those of: The Daily Dischord Verdict; Flickering Myth; Roger Ebert in the Chigaco Sun-Times; Brandy McDonnell at LookAtOKC; Brian Gallagher on MovieWeb; Will Chadwick on We Got This Covered; Mel Valentin on Very Aware; Lou Gaul Calkins in the Beaver County Times; Top 10 Best Movies of 2011 (According to Rotten Tomatoes) in the International Business Times; and Rama's Screen Awesomest Movies of 2011. The movie will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download by Icon Home Entertainment on January 30 2012. Finally, ComingSoon interviews Albert Brooks. about his work on the Drive movie.

From November 2011: A review of Albert Brooks' work in the Drive movie appears in the LA Times.

From October 2011: A lovely review of the Drive movie is found at the Sydney Morning Herald. Read an excellent review of Drive — the book — on His Futile Preoccupations. A review of The Killer is Dying appears this week in The Spectator. The latest issue of Mystery Scene Magazine has an article on James Sallis by Craig McDonald. An excellent interview with James Sallis has been posted at Junsui Films. And another lovely review of DRIVE (the movie) appears in the Portadown Times UK.

From September 2011: Read a review of Drive (the book) at The Independent UK. DRIVE, the movie, has been released in the U.S. The movie tie-in version of the novel has been released in paperback from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt / Mariner Books. Enjoy some more great reviews of the movie in The Boston Herald, Hollywood.com, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Las Vegas Weekly, Baltimore City Paper, Black Sheep Reviews, Fox, CliqueClack, The Faster Times, The Dork Shelf, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and CNN. And for a little extra entertainment, here's GQ's guide to the clothing in Drive! Want to hear from the man himself? Reposted from June, enjoy a radio interview with James Sallis on OnRamp on KPCC. Arizona Central has an interview with James Sallis; read another interview with James Sallis about Drive in The Phoenix New Times. Several new reviews of The Killer is Dying are out, from The VVA Veteran Books in Brief, the New York Times, His Futile Preoccupations, the Music and More blog, and Vince Keenan's blog. At the same time, reviews of the Drive movie are available from Screen Rant, Hey U Guys, and I am Rogue, including this interview with Albert Brooks in The Los Angeles Times and this fun one from the Phoenix New Times. Beautiful images of the Drive posters can be found at IFC.com.

From August 2011: You can listen to a Here & Now interview with James Sallis at KJZZ's Web site here. SPIN magazine reviews the movie Drive. and there's another extraordinary review of the movie, from IndieWire/The Playlist, out today. A new poster has been released for the movie Drive. Scott Martelle writes about James Sallis for the Los Angeles Times.

From July 2011: Check out the trailer for the Drive movie at IndieWire. There's a thoughtful review of the Drive movie post-LA Film Festival in The Hypermodern. And for your further reading pleasure, we've just located an interesting interview with Jim from a few years back in Shots Magazine.

From June 2011: Listen to a great interview with James Sallis on Southern California Public Radio show "Off-Ramp". Another book list — this one from the Philadelphia Inquirer — tags The Killer is Dying for your top summer reading. James Sallis talks to Crime Time magazine this week about The Killer is Dying. Two strong reviews of the Drive movie have been posted from the LA Film Festival, via Twitch and Collider. Only through June 30, 2011, non-subscribers can read this exclusive profile of James Sallis by Patrick Millikin at Publisher's Weekly. Follow the instructions for free access. The Drive movie premiered in the U.S. at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 17th, and the positive previews continue to roll in. The Killer is Dying is coming in August 2011. It's already had a starred review from Publishers Weekly, and a few sites have already put it on their summer recommended reading lists. You can check out a further review from The Cold Spot.

From mid-May 2011: Nicolas Winding Refn has won the Best Director award at the Cannes Festival, for Drive. You can now download the Drive press kit as a multi-page PDF. Drive has screened at Cannes to enthusiastic audience reaction, and the reviews are starting to come in. Here are the first takes from Rope of Silicon, First Showing, The Playlist, Reuters and the LA Times. A new (second) Drive movie clip and a set of great stills are available at Rope of Silicon.

From May 2011: Anticipation over the Drive movie continues to grow. An interview with director Nicolas Winding Refn can be found here. New articles appear in the Huffington Post and We Are Movie Geeks. Word & Film names Drive one of the Creme de la Creme of Cannes. USA Today calls Drive one of the best bets of Cannes, and Indiewire says it's one of the ten films Creme de la Creme of Cannes. USA Today calls Drive one of the best bets of Cannes, and Indiewire says it's one of the ten films "that will be making noise on the Croisette". Drive will also be presented as a 'gala screening' at the Los Angeles Film Festival held June 16-26, 2011. The Drive movie premieres at Cannes on May 20! Watch a two-minute clip of the Drive movie on the Cannes Festival website. Some comment on it here, here, here and here. Additional reaction to the Drive clip can be found here and here. Check out the latest scoop (and some great photos) on the Drive movie at the Cannes Film Festival — screening next week.

From April 2011: Cliff Martinez will be scoring the movie Drive. The Drive movie poster can be seen here. Drive is going to Cannes!. See more buzz about Drive at the Cannes Film Festival here.

From March 2011: SpineTingler Magazine has posted the video of a conversation between Jim Sallis and Craig McDonald hosted by Patrick Millikin at the Poisoned Pen bookstore on February 22, 2011.

From January 2011: A bit more buzz on the Drive movie is circulating. Two exciting releases this year: Walker Books will be publishing The Killer is Dying in the U.S. this August (a slight delay from the originally projected May date). No Exit Press will be publishing it in the UK. Meanwhile, the release date for the Drive movie has been announced as September 16, 2011. The Drive buzz continues in the media!

From September 2010: Production on the Drive movie just started in Los Angeles. Here are .two. .links. to some on-set gossip. The IMDB page is here. Two poems and a short story by James Sallis appear in the e-book anthology Breaking Waves (Tiffany Trent and Phyllis Irene Radford, Eds.) from Book View Cafe. Breaking Waves is available in a number of DRM-free formats; all proceeds from sales will go to the Gulf Coast Oil SPill Fund of the Greater New Orleans Foundation. The latest: Ron Perlman has reportedly been cast in Drive. Mad Men star Christina Hendricks has added her name to the cast of Drive. Oscar Isaac has also joined the cast.

From August 2010: Coming this fall or so, a collection of Western noir short fiction with an introduction by James Sallis called On Dangerous Ground. Carey Mulligan is now on the cast of Drive. Drive begins filming at the end of September. No Exit Press confirms they will be publishing The Killer is Dying in the U.K. next May (as a reminder, Walker Books will be publishing it in the U.S. the same month). Several articles provide news on the latest actor to sign onto the upcoming production of Drive. More buzz here.

From July 2010: A brief interview with Jim appears on the web site Reviewing the Evidence. Walker Books will be publishing The Killer Is Dying in May, 2011.

From June 2010: Jim has finished writing his new novel, The Killer Is Dying. Nicolas Refn and Ryan Gosling will begin filming on Drive this fall.

From May 2010: Spotted: a sneak peek at a promo poster for the movie version of Drive! From February 2010: Nicolas Winding Refn has been signed to direct Ryan Gosling in the movie of Drive.

From February 2008: CrimeCritics review What You Have Left, a collection of all three Turner novels. Salt River continues to garner rave reviews, as here in Woody Haut's noir fiction blog. Jack O'Connell lists The James Sallis Reader in his Top 10 Science Fiction/Fantasy Books of 2008. Meanwhile, Drive gets attention in South Africa and in Spain.

From December 2008: Salt River has just been published in the UK, leading to a nice review in Crime Time magazine. Salt River has made the Seattle Times' Best Mysteries of 2008 list.

From November 2008: Salt River has been chosen as one of Publisher's Weekly's best books of 2008!

From October 2008: Jim's review of the boxed set of Ripley novels by Patricia Highsmith appears in the Sunday, Oct. 26 Los Angeles Times. Jim was interviewed by Chris Wiegand for The Guardian (UK) in preparation for the upcoming UK publication of Salt River. While working on a new novel, Jim is teaching three writing classes in Phoenix this semester and his band, Three-Legged Dog, appears almost every weekend.

From July 2008: Jim's remembrance of Thomas Disch appears in the Sunday, July 17 Los Angeles Times.

From June 2008: Jim's review of Donald Harington's Farther Along appeared in the Los Angeles Times on Sunday, June 27. Meanwhile, Salt River continues to garner great reviews.

From May 2008: Jim's review of Knobloch's translation of Boris Vian's The Dead All Have the Same Skin appeared in the Los Angeles Times on Sunday, May 4.

From March 2008: Big buzz! As you know, Drive was optioned a while back by Hugh Jackman. Looks like the project now has a director (Neil Marshall), scriptwriter (Hossein Amini) and producers (Marc Platt, Hugh Jackman and John Palermo). Catch the buzz at Variety and here, here, here...

From February 2008: James Sallis reviewed De Niro's Game: A Novel by Rawi Hage in the Sunday, Feb. 24 Los Angeles Times.

From January 2008: News has just come in that Jim and Drive have won the Deutsche Krimipreis 2008, Germany's oldest and most respected prize for crime novels, in the "international" category. The great reviews for Salt River continue to pour in — have you read it yet?

From December 2007: Salt River is out! It has already garnered a starred review from Kirkus Reviews (in their November 1 issue). Feeling a little December blues? Charlotte Observer says "[this] story, of life's joys and ravages, will especially resonate with anyone struggling with darkness at this cheery time of year." Crime Fiction Dossier, selecting Salt River as their Book of the Week, says "Sallis writes some of the most beautiful prose in the genre." Reminder for those in the Scottsdale, AZ area: Jim will be signing Salt River at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore on December 29.

From November 2007: Jim's short story Season Premiere appears in Dark Delicacies II, edited by Del Howison and Jeff Gelb (Carroll & Graf, 2007). A recent review in the Los Angeles Times describes Sallis' story as "a gem of rural Gothic." Jim was interviewed by The Compulsive Reader in July, and they are featuring this interview on their main page this month. You can read the interview online.

From September 2007: Drive is now out on audiobook, unabridged, from Blackstone Audio, read by Paul Michael Garcia. You can buy it on tape or CD; you can even get it as a digital download, or rent the CDs. A must for those long, er, DRIVEs.

From August 2007: BoucherCon is coming up soon (Sept. 27 in Anchorage, Alaska) and Jim will receive a lifetime achievement award! Plan now to get up to Alaska for the fun — we think this will be a great way to escape the summer heat. Potato Tree has received an excellent review in Rain Taxi.

From June 2007: Your editor has been out of the country for a while, and missed all the excitement — the film rights for all of the Lew Griffin books have been purchased by Parallel Entertainment! Read all about it in Variety, the Hollywood Reporter, MovieWeb, ShotsMag Confidential, Movie and TV News Blog, and New York Magazine (3rd paragraph from the end).

From March 2007: There's an interview with Jim in the latest issue of CrimeSpree Magazine. James Sallis has made the funny papers! Check out Unshelved's, uh, review of Drive.

From February 2007: Jim will be one of the faculty members at next week's Desert Nights, Rising Stars — the 2007 ASU Writers Conference, running from Feb. 21-24, 2007. We're pleased to make available on the site three introductions Jim has written for new or upcoming books. The intro for the Point Blank edition of New Orleans Confidential by O'Neil De Noux is available here, that for the Serpent's Tail edition of He Died with His Eyes Open by Derek Raymond is available here, and that for the Scorpion Press edition of Pegasus Descending by James Lee Burke is available here.

From December 2006: There's a new interview with Jim in the online zine Things I'd Rather Be Doing. Drive continues to get great reviews in paperback, and is creating a lot of buzz in the blogosphere. Check out this take from the Bookslut and this from Mel Odom on BlogCritics.

From September 2006: Jim's review of The Uncomfortable Dead (by Paco Taibo and Subcomandante Marcos) has been published in the LA Times Calendar section.

From August 2006: Jim appeared with Andrew Klavan on a mini book tour of Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Diego. Jim's review of The Collected Best Stories of Frederick Pohl has been published in the LA Times Calendar section. And here's some big news for Sallis fans! The paperback edition of Drive is now available from Harcourt. A new collection, Potato Tree — comprising the stories from the now out-of-print Limits of the Sensible World and most other previously uncollected stories — is forthcoming in early 2007 from Host Publications. And it's just been announced that, at Bouchercon 2007 in Anchorage, Alaska, Jim will receive a Lifetime Achievement award. Now we all have a reason to visit Alaska!

From July 2006: Three Legged Dog, Jim's band, has continued to play out in the Phoenix area and around Arizona, and are now in studio. Be sure to check out their web site for the latest news. The release of Drive in the U.K. has prompted excellent reviews there, including this one from The Guardian and this one from The Independent on Sunday From June 2006: Cripple Creek continues to get strong reviews, including this great one from January Magazine.

From May 2006: Jim has been profiled in the Los Angeles Times — on the cover of their Sunday, May 21 Calendar Book Review section! Cripple Creek has been selected by Booklist as one of the Year's Top 10 Crime Novels. And the buzz continues!

From April 2006: Lots of buzz about Cripple Creek is circulating on the Internet — check out new quotes from the many positive reviews and order your copy now (we recommend The Poisoned Pen bookstore). Jim was interviewed for an interesting article about the lure of detective stories and movies in the Arizona Republic. Jim's review of Timothy, Or Notes of an Abject Reptile by Verlyn Klinkenborg appears in the April 9 Washington Post (free registration required to read).

From March 2006: Cripple Creek has received starred reviews both in Booklist and in the April 1 issue of Library Journal. Hot News... Drive has been optioned by Universal as a starring vehicle (no pun intended) for Hugh Jackman and his "Seed Productions" company. Catch the buzz on the Internet here, here, here, here, and here.

From February 2006: Cripple Creek received a starred review from Kirkus Reviews (available online only to subscribers) on Friday, Feb. 17. Jim will sign Cripple Creek on Friday, April 8 (note date change!) at The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale. Mark your calendars now if you're in the area! The latest Boston Globe column, on Donald Hamilton's Night Walker, has been posted. Drive is still getting rave reviews (this one from the Los Angeles Times.

From January 2006: Cripple Creek (the sequel to Cypress Grove, which will be out this April from Walker) has received a starred review in this week's issue of Publisher's Weekly. Jim will be a guest at Festival américa in France this September. There is updated information on upcoming Three-Legged Dog performances on the music page. A Boston Globe column on Mati Unt's Things in the Night has been posted.

From December 2005: An interview and feature on James Sallis is the cover article in the January issue of Mystery News. Drive has been selected as one of Entertainment Weekly's top 10 fiction books of 2005 in the year-end issue (hitting newsstands Dec. 23)! Drive has made yet another top-books list for the year. Reviewers write, "The slim novel underscores what power this author commands with spare, gem-like prose, brisk action and a Camus-like hero." A Boston Globe column on Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird has been posted. Drive has been chosen by the Washington Post as one of the best books of 2005. Reviewer Paul Skenazy writes, "Sallis's lean mystery and flat-voiced prose are refreshing, even startling. A lovely piece of work."

From November 2005: An article about Drive and its publisher, Poisoned Pen Press, appeared on MSNBC's Web site. If you read Italian, you may enjoy this recent interview with Jim, conducted while he was in Italy for Festivaletteratura. A Boston Globe column on China Miéville has been posted.

From September 2005: Drive has gone into a second printing! If you want to obtain a signed copy of the first edition, you should order right away from The Poisoned Pen, as there are only a few copies remaining. You can hear Jim's new band, Three-Legged Dog, online on Achieve Radio. Look for the Sept. 17 show. Three-Legged Dog starts about 60 minutes into the broadcast. A Boston Globe column on Eric Frank Russell, has been posted. If you haven't yet picked up your copy of the marvellous James Sallis Reader, you can find it for sale now at Wildside Press. Jim's new band, Three-Legged Dog, has its first gig on Achieve Radio the third weekend in September. Jim's off to Festivaletteratura next week — see notes below for his appearances there. And a reminder: Jim will be signing Drive at The Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale, AZ on September 24th.

From August 2005: Jim was a guest at Festivaletteratura in Mantua, Italy, September 7-11. A Boston Globe column on a biography of B. S. Johnson has been posted. Jim has a review of Orson Scott Card's Magic Street and So Long Been Dreaming: Postcolonial Science Fiction & Fantasy (Hopkinson and Mehan, Eds.) in the August 7 edition of the Los Angeles Times. BBC Radio is planning a five-part adaptation and reading of Eye of the Cricket — more on that as things progress.

From July 2005: The James Sallis Reader is now available from Wildside Press. Comprising two complete novels (Renderings, and the spy novel Death Will Have Your Eyes), short stories that cross many genres, poetry, articles and personal essays, and with a new introduction by Jim (now posted here), this survey of Jim's writing career has both breadth and depth. A Sallis review of James Carlos Blake's The Killings of Stanley Ketchel appeared in the July 25 Los Angeles Times. A new music page on this web site gives information about Jim's musical writings and performances. A Boston Globe column on the passing of Evan Hunter — the writer behind pen names Ed McBain, Hunt Collins, and others — has been posted. Several poems by Jim have been translated into French by Amari Hamadene and published in Revue Littéraire et Culturelle Arabesques.

From June 2005: The latest Boston Globe column, on Edgar Allan Poe and a new biography of him by James Hutchisson, has been posted. You can hear Jim Sallis playing guitar (both solo and backing up Shelba Mullins) on the May 28, 2005 edition of HarryZona's Talk Music on Achieve Radio, online at the HarryZona web site. HarperCollins has published an American edition of John Harvey's collection Men from Boys, which includes the Sallis selection Concerto for Violence and Orchestra. Jim comments on a recent H.P. Lovecraft collection in his latest Fantasy & Science Fiction "Books" column. Jim's short novel Drive is forthcoming in September, 2005 from Poisoned Pen Press.

From May 2005: A Boston Globe column on recently printed and upcoming volumes by Boris Vian, Ray Bradbury, and Donald Harington, has been posted. Jim will be judging the Wyoming Arts Council's 2006 creative writing fellowships in fiction. Up to three $3,000 awards will be presented to the best fiction manuscripts written by Wyoming residents. Winners will join Jim at a reading of their work at the Casper College Literary Conference, on Oct. 1 in Casper, Wyoming.

From April 2005: The latest Boston Globe column, on books about bluegrass and related music and instruments, has been posted.

From March 2005: A Boston Globe column on Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby has been posted. Michael Moorcock has edited New Worlds, an anthology of works from the British SF magazine that he edited with Jim Sallis in the 1960s. Jim's short story "Jeremiad" is included; the book was published by Thunder's Mouth Press. Matthew Cheney has penned a nice blog entry about Jim's Boston Globe column series at The Mumpsimus. Jim's Boston Globe column on Camus's The Stranger has been posted.

From January 2005: Jim's new short novel, Drive, will be published by Poisoned Pen Press this fall, 2005. Jim Sallis reviews Harry Turtledove's Curious Notions in the Los Angeles Times. Jim's Boston Globe column on H.P. Lovecraft has been posted. Jim's prose poems can be found in The Smile at the Foot of the Ladder from Obscure Publications.

From December 2004: Prose poems by Jim appear in the latest, two-volume chapbook from Obscure Publications, The Smile at the Foot of the Ladder, which also includes prose poetry by Lawrence Fixel, Robert Bly, Tom Whalen, Ian Robinson and others. Though copies are not available for purchase, OP will post a PDF soon if you'd like to print your own copy. In Fall of 2005, Jim will be a guest at Festivaletteratura in Mantova, Italy.

From November 2004: Jim's Boston Globe column on Percival Everett has been posted. A City Equal to my Desire has received a strong positive review from the ALA's Booklist. A Boston Globe Reading Life column on Ray Bradbury has been posted. Folks in the Phoenix area can take three classes from James Sallis at Phoenix College this spring: Writing Studio Workshop I: Writing Mysteries (CRW242AL), Intermediate Fiction Writing (CRW270) and Writing the Novel (CRW273). Classes start in January and run through May. From October 2004: A City Equal to my Desire has been reviewed by This Week.

From September 2004: Jim has reviewed James Ellroy in the Sept. 28 Los Angeles Times' Calendar section. (Only paid subscribers can read this online — alternately, you can pick up the print edition.) Jim has reviewed Cynthia Ozick's Heir to the Glimmering World for the Washington Post. The latest Boston Globe Reading Life column, discussing several books on music, has been posted. A City Equal to My Desire is finally available at your friendly neighborhood bookshop! You can obtain signed copies by ordering through The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, Arizona.

From August 2004: The New York Review of Books press has just released a new translation (by Suzanne Jill Levine) of Adolfo Bioy Casares' Asleep in the Sun has been released, featuring an introduction by James Sallis. Bioy Casares was a good friend and collaborator of Jorge Luis Borges, and like him incorporated magical realism into his writing. A Boston Globe Reading Life column on Marek Hlasko has been posted. Review copies of A City Equal to My Desire have just been released, and the collection has already garnered a strong review from The Agony Column. City should be available for purchase very soon.

From July 2004: Two short stories by Jim appear in the latest issue (#14) of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet [which this webmaster thinks is one of the finest little magazines being published today]. A Boston Globe Reading Life column on Philip Wylie has been posted.

From June 2004: Cypress Grove is now available in paperback. Jack O'Connell has completed an introduction to A City Equal to My Desire, and the full cover art can be seen here. POINTBLANK will bring out City, a collection of Jim's recent short stories, in August of 2004. A Boston Globe Reading Life column on Donald Harington and Blaise Cendrars has been posted. Tinta 3D Magazine has reprinted Jim's poem For Blaise Cendrars on their Cendrars tribute page.

From May 2004: A Boston Globe Reading Life column on Walter Tevis has been posted. Jim will be teaching, beginning this fall, a three-semester novel-writing course at Phoenix College, as well as a course in writing science fiction. In spring he'll teach courses on writing mysteries and in Intermediate Fiction.

From April 2004: The Search function on this site (box to the right) has been re-indexed and works (much) better now. Fans of felines may enjoy a few new photos of the Sallis's cat, Grace, which have just been posted. The latest A Reading Life column in the Boston Globe, on Fred Chappell, has been posted. Jim's latest Writing From Life column, "Singing in the Sheaves," has been posted at Web Del Sol.

From March 2004: Jim's A Reading Life column in the Boston Globe on Joe Lansdale has been posted. Three new stories selected by Jim (new one up 3/7!), "Living Where the Light is Better" by Garrett Quentin Smith, "Charlie's To Go" by B. C. Gill, and "Storms" by Doug Kimball have been added to Jim Sallis Presents... in In Posse Review.

From February 2004: Otis College presents a lecture by James Sallis on March 24 — details are on their calendar page. Jim's A Reading Life column in the Boston Globe on John Collier has been posted. Jim has completed work on a new short novel, "Others of My Kind."

From January 2004: Previous columns of Jim's Boston Globe column, "A Reading Life," are now archived on this site and may be read here. Jim's A Reading Life column in the Boston Globe on Machado de Assis has been posted. A new story selected by Jim, "Morning Smiled" by Joyce Faulkner, has been added to Jim Sallis Presents... in In Posse Review. Giano Editore, an Italian publisher, has purchased rights to Cypress Grove, The Long-Legged Fly, Moth, and Black Hornet. They will begin releasing Italian translations of these works annually starting in January 2005. Editorial Poliedro, Jim's Spanish publisher, has bought the rights to Difficult Lives.

From December 2003: The first two chapters of Cypress Grove can now be read on this web site. Stay tuned early next year for pre-publication posting of the start of the sequel! The latest A Reading Life column in the Boston Globe, on Derek Raymond, has been posted. A new story selected by Jim, "Tommie" by J.K. Mason, has been added to Jim Sallis Presents... in In Posse Review. Courtesy of the publishers, Jim's introduction to Wit's End Publishing's special trade paperback edition of Charles Willeford's classic novel The Black Mass of Brother Springer is now available on this web site. Folks in the Phoenix area can take two classes from James Sallis at Phoenix College this spring: Introduction to Creative Writing (CRW150 - now full) and Writing Studio Workshop I: Writing Mysteries (CRW242AL). Classes start in January and run through May. Jim has signed with Walker Books for a sequel to Cypress Grove. Jim's book of translations, My Tongue in Other Cheeks, is out from Obscure Publications. Printed copies are not available, but you can download the PDF and print your own for free. The cover image may be viewed here. The latest Writing From Life column, Writing By the Seat of Your Pants, is online at Web Del Sol.

From November, 2003 The trade paperback edition of Ghost of a Flea should be available shortly from Walker Books — signed copies, personalized on request, may be ordered from The Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale, Arizona. The latest A Reading Life column in the Boston Globe, on Calder Willingham and Hamilton Basso, has been posted. Jim's biography has been updated on this web site, and includes some more recent photographs. This week, Wit's End Publishing will release their special trade paperback edition of Charles Willeford's classic novel The Black Mass of Brother Springer, which features a new introduction by James Sallis. This edition also includes the never-before-published play version of the novel, The Ordainment of Brother Springer, and is a must for Willeford and Sallis fans. Next year, Wit's End will be publishing a collection of James Sallis' recent stories, A City Equal to My Desire. A new story selected by Jim, "Optogram" by Craig Tepper, has been added to Jim Sallis Presents... in In Posse Review. Cypress Grove was reviewed on the BBC's 15 November "Saturday Review."

From October 2003: The latest A Reading Life column in the Boston Globe, on Michael Dirda, has been posted. Jim has been interviewed for the Arizona Republic.

From September 2003: Editions Gallimard has just released the French translation of Eye of the Cricket. No Exit Press will release the U.K. edition of Cypress Grove in paperback, as well as a signed and numbered limited edition hardback, this month. A new story selected by Jim, "Monk" by Daniel A. Olivas, has been added to Jim Sallis Presents... in In Posse Review.

From August 2003: A Sallis article on Loren Estleman appears in issue 34 of Crime Time. Cypress Grove continues to get great reviews. Check out the quotes page for excerpts and links. Jim will be teaching at Phoenix College in Phoenix, Arizona next year — a mystery-writing class in the spring semester, a science fiction-writing course in the fall. His graduate-level writing course at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles has been moved to Fall of 2004.

From July 2003: Jim was interviewed on University of Illinois' WILL radio station's Focus 580 show by David Inge on July 23.

From June 2003: A new Sallis essay, "Roomer of War," has just been posted at 3 AM Magazine. The latest issue of Paradoxa, "Fifties Fictions," includes an interview with Richard Matheson conducted in tandem by James Sallis and Jack O'Connell. Two new stories are up at "Jim Sallis Presents..." in In Posse Review.

From May 2003: Cypress Grove has been released by Walker, along with paperback re-releases of Moth and Black Hornet. Jim has just completed one novel (based on the story "Drive" in Dennis McMillan's Measures of Poison anthology) and has started another. The short story "Ukulele and the World's Pain" is included in Mystery: The Best of 2002, edited by Jon Breen and published by ibooks. New Sallis short stories can be found in this month's Crimewave and The Third Alternative magazines. Cypress Grove has received a starred ("book of unusual merit") review in the May 1 issue of Kirkus Reviews.

From April 2003: An essay from the New York Times has been reprinted in Writers on Writing: Collected Essays from The New York Times, Vol. II. James Sallis' May Walker will release the trade paperback of Ghost of a Flea in Fall 2003. Gallimard, Sallis' French publisher, will release Eye of the Cricket in French in September 2003. They plan to release Bluebottle along with Les Jours En Feu, a collection of short stories, in 2004. A short story, "Free Time," appears in Night Shade Books' Album Zutique Issue #1. This fall, Obscure Publications will bring out a chapbook of selected Sallis translations of poems from French, Spanish and Russian.

from February 2003: Jim has finished an original screenplay, Learning to Fall, and has begun work on a new novel, based on the story "Drive" in Dennis McMillan's Measures of Poison anthology.

News from January 2003: A collection of Jim's stories is to be published in France by Gallimard under the title Les Jours en feu. All six Griffin books are being translated into Spanish for Editorial Poliedro, and a number of Jim's other titles are being considered for publication in Spain.

News from December 2002: 3 AM Magazine has published a three-part feature on Jim and his work in the magazine, including poetry, a short story, "Get Along Home", and an interview. Four new poems are available on the Melic Review site.


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