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New reviews posted 15 October 2016

Signed copies (personalized on request) of the latest Sallis books are available from The Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Latest News...

Happy New Year! For those in the Phoenix area, Jim will be teaching a four-week poetry course at The Piper Center on the ASU campus from April 5th to April 26th, during National Poetry Month. Course title: The Story Behind the Poem. Jim's latest column for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, on the new biography of Shirley Jackson, is now online.

Year's end news: One of Jim's new stories, "How the Damned Live On," is out in the December issue of Asimov's Science Fiction. Jim says this story came from watching an entire afternoon of old science fiction movies like Journey to the Center of the Earth, Lost World and the like while recuperating from surgery. "It has everything — pirates, a giant spider, tiny crabs, ambulating plants..."

Jim's regular books column is also out in the January-February issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (paper only - we'll post an online link when available). This one's on Shirley Jackson and the new biography by Ruth Franklin.

Jim has also completed a revised edition of the long out-of-print Difficult Lives (on David Goodis, Jim Thompson and Chester Himes). Under the title Hitching Rides, he's added a secondary volume of commissioned introductions and essays on writers like Gerald Kersh, Jean-Patrick Manchette, Derek Raymond, and Patricia Highsmith. More about that to come!

From October 2016: Great news for Sallis fans: Jim has short stories upcoming in Analog, Asimov's and Fantasy and Science Fiction! Meanwhile, Willnot continues to garner rave reviews, with Mary Whipple calling James Sallis "one of the best literary writers in the United States," and Craig McDonald saying "At this point, it may be fair and best to say James Sallis is a genre unto himself." Doug Johnstone writes, "There is a deep poetry that lurks beneath the language, a rhythm that beautifully captures the way real people speak and think."

From September 2016: Excellent reviews continue to come in for Willnot. USA Today declared that "[Sallis] might just be one of our greatest living writers." David Rothenberg on WBAI radio asserted that "Willnot is closer to Our Town and Winesberg, Ohio than any output by Michael Connelly or John Sandford, defying genre classification." Marcel Berlins calls Willnot "a beautiful read from a master."

From August 2016: Jim's latest column is up at Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine. Strong reviews continue to come in for Willnot, with Ian Rankin calling it "a slippery, poetic mystery that becomes a love story to small town America."

From June 2016: "This is a novel about what lies just beneath the surface," writes Woody Haut about Willnot, deeming it "an extraordinary book, not just about place, but the interaction between past, present and future." Lisa Levy has a terrific essay on James Sallis on Literary Hub. More reviews are in for Willnot — Adam Woog from the Seattle Times says, "Sallis expertly weaves notes of hope throughout his pungent and often melancholy tale." Booklist calls Willnot "a profoundly moving, quietly eloquent jewel of a novel." The Big Issue says, "James Sallis remains at the very top of his game, and I can't recommend Willnot highly enough." And Laura Lippman writes that "James Sallis is one of our greatest living crime writers and Willnot continues an almost unseemly streak of excellence. Try to get his words, his stories, his people out of your head. Just try."

From May 2016: Willnot, Jim's new novel, will be out June 21 from Bloomsbury. Reviews are already coming in, with Kirkus calling it "a brisk and sure-handed treat." The novel will be launched, as usual, at The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, Arizona, on June 24 at 7 p.m, with a signing by Jim and music by the band of which he's a founding member, Three-Legged Dog.

From April 2016: Five Oaks has published James Sallis' new poetry collection, Night's Pardons, which is available now. No Exit in the UK has announced a limited-edition hardback edition of Jim's new novel Willnot, each copy to be signed by Jim; this will be issued simultaneously with the paperback in June.

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